Gold Circle Benefits, Inc. focuses exclusively on helping emerging and mid-sized multinational employers with the complex issues surrounding international benefit insurance for expatriates and local national employees.    Our organization services a select roster of clients so that we are able to fully engage with HR and Benefits managers in the following key areas:

Supporting your organization’s global expansion and  global mobility strategy

In many instances, benefits for expatriates or foreign nationals are set up in haste with emerging multinationals forced to rely on the counsel of their generalist U.S. benefits broker.  Unfortunately, often the most expedient, convenient or lowest rate option is put in place with little to no review of benchmarking/best practices or analysis of the carriers' overall service platforms or value propositions.   HR and Benefit managers need to take a step back and review whether their benefits program is truly supporting the organization’s global expansion goals.  More…..

Providing expert day to day counsel on all challenges and issues

Once your strategy is in place, unfamiliar questions and issues surrounding eligibility, billing, claims and benefits will occur.  There is little point having your U.S. benefit adviser go away and research issues beyond their knowledge base.   Gold Circle Benefits has the in-house expertise and external contacts with the international insurance industry to quickly resolve problems and concerns.  More…..

Essentially if you have international benefit plans it is crucial to appoint a specialist international broker to assist you in these matters.   Gold Circle Benefits specializes solely in this field without disrupting the relationship you have with your U.S. domestic broker.   In fact, most U.S. brokers welcome their clients having a specialist partner for international exposure as it allows them to focus on their own core competencies.  More…..

If you are a U.S. broker please contact us for additional information on partnership opportunities.

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